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Exquisitely landscaped to wrap around the stunning Lake Mulwala location, the Championship par 72 course has been expertly designed by course Architects Peter Thomson, Ross Perrett and their brilliant design team to both excite and challenge golfers.

With 400 picturesque acres to explore, spread across rolling fairways, with large well bunkered greens and stunning natural water courses, Black Bull Golf Course will delight with world class facilities.


Hole 1

Par 4
  • Black - 329 Meters
  • Blue - 309 Meters
  • Red - 261 Meters
The first is a short opening par 4 with undulating fairway and water the length of the hole on the right-hand side. The green is guarded by deep bunkers to the left and right.

Pro-TipAim your tee shot at the fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway. A tee shot of approximately 200m will leave you with 90 to 120 metres were you can attack the flag.

Hole 2

Par 5
  • Black - 509 Meters
  • Blue - 485 Meters
  • Red - 446 Meters
A strong Par 5 requires an accurate tee shot to avoid the fairway bunkers on the right-hand side of the fairway. Water is present down the entire length of the hole on the right-hand side.

The long par 5 will make you play it as a three-shot hole and a layup for you second before the second cross bunkers will leave you a shot of 100m to 130m into the undulating green.  The green is guarded by a large bunker that will make you have to hit over it if you want to play for the pin.

Pro-TipPar is a good score; the longer hitters can attempt to go for the green in two.  Odds are you will end up in the green side bunker, so a sand save is your best chance for making birdie.

Hole 3

Par 4
  • Black - 359 Meters
  • Blue - 332 Meters
  • Red - 282 Meters
An accurate tee shot is needed to avoid the fairway bunkers left and right. The longer hitters can get past with bunkers and will leave you only a short wedge shot. The biggest defence is the green that slopes from front to back with little run offs waiting to catch the errant approach.

Pro-Tip – Longer hitters must hit it over the right fairway bunker to give them the best angle for the approach shot into the green.


Hole 4

Par 3
  • Black - 179 Meters
  • Blue - 164 Meters
  • Red - 103 Meters
You have entered the Bull Ring and this par 3 is ready to bear its horns. A long par 3 over water to a green that is slightly elevated and guarded by 4 deep bunkers. The green is a large and slopes towards the front left.

Pro-Tip – Don’t go flag hunting, aim for the middle of the green and take plenty of club as all the trouble is short.  Take you two puts and get to the next.


Hole 5

Par 4
  • Black - 353 Meters
  • Blue - 333 Meters
  • Red - 284 Meters
The second hole of the Bull Ring. The tee shot must avoid the two fairway bunkers on the right-hand side. The undulating fairway will increase the difficulty for the approach shot into the two tiered green.

Pro-Tip – Aim your tee shot down the left-hand side. The approach shot needs to fly all the way to the green as the false front will repel most balls. Distance control is a premium to getting close to this pin.

Hole 6

Par 4
  • Black - 390 Meters
  • Blue - 371 Meters
  • Red - 336 Meters
The last hole of the Bull Ring and the hardest hole on the course. Playing from the tips and generally into the wind a strong tee shot is a must to avoid the 4 fairway bunkers and the water on the right side of the fairway. If you have laid up short of the fairway bunkers a long second to a two-tier green awaits.

Pro-TipLaying up short of the fairway bunkers is a must as you will struggle to advance the ball to the green from them. Your approach needs to be to the right side of the green as this will help avoid the greenside bunkers – Good luck?


Hole 7

Par 5
  • Black - 464 Meters
  • Blue - 442 Meters
  • Red - 396 Meters
This is a hole where you get one back, this is the shortest of the par 5’s. Avoid the water down the left-hand side and the bunkers on the right and you are set to attack. Take extra club when approaching the large elevated green.

Pro-Tip – This is a birdie hole, but the tee shot is critical if you want to go for the green in two for the longer hitters.


Hole 8

Par 3
  • Black - 201 Meters
  • Blue - 181 Meters
  • Red - 149 Meters
The toughest par 3 on the course playing at 200 + from the tips. This green has three tires in the green and surrounded by 4 deep bunkers waiting to catch an errant tee shot.

Pro-TipPlay smart and you might walk off this hole smiling, otherwise you may need a beer at the turn.


Hole 9

Par 4
  • Black - 351 Meters
  • Blue - 329 Meters
  • Red - 289 Meters
Great short Par 4 with two large fairway bunkers on the right. The green is large and slopes from front to back. If it is a back pin take extra club as you may end up having a very long first putt.

Pro-TipIt is a big fairway to hit, a quality approach shot is required to give you a chance to get close to the pin.


Hole 10

Par 4
  • Black - 372 Meters
  • Blue - 358 Meters
  • Red - 300 Meters
To start the back nine the 10h hole is a strong par 4 and puts a premium on a accurate tee shot to avoid the fairway bunkers left and right.

The approach shot needs to carry to the green as anything short will be repelled. The large green has many places to hide a flag so being on the right side of the hole will give you the best role at the hole.

Pro-TipAvoid the fairway bunkers at all costs. Distance control with a mid to long iron will be rewarded on this green.


Hole 11

Par 4
  • Black - 393 Meters
  • Blue - 379 Meters
  • Red - 352 Meters
This is the biggest of all the fairways, the longer hitters can get it over the hill which will gain you another 30 metres off the tee and will leave you only a wedge into the green. Failing to get over the hill will leave a long iron or wood in to a large elevated green.

Pro-Tip – Commit to a solid tee shot and you will be rewarded. Avoid hitting left of the green as the slopes will take the ball away and make it a very difficult up and down.

Hole 12

Par 4
  • Black - 354 Meters
  • Blue - 334 Meters
  • Red - 305 Meters
Risk equals reward on this short par 4. The further you can hit your tee shot down the left-hand side of the fairway the shorter the approach will be.

The tee shot has 3 large fairway bunkers and water down the left side. The small two tiered green has a large bunker on the right that bites back into the green. If the pin is on the top right-hand side take extra club.

Pro-TipHit your tee shot at the bunker on the left side of the fairway, now you can attack the flag with a short to mid iron.

Hole 13

Par 5
  • Black - 490 Meters
  • Blue - 467 Meters
  • Red - 426 Meters
The toughest Par 5 on the course demands a decision off the tee, lay up short of the bunkers left and play it as a three-shot hole or attack down the right-hand side.

Most will need to lay up for the second shot, the further you hit it the narrower it gets. The green is large and slopes from left to right, avoid the green-side bunkers to the left as they are deep and will make it difficult to keep the ball on the green.

Pro-TipBig Hitters can be rewarded with a tee shot down the right side of the fairway. Missing the green to the right will leave an easy chip up the green and will avoid the deep bunkers to the right.


Hole 14

Par 3
  • Black - 152 Meters
  • Blue - 124 Meters
  • Red - 109 Meters
The shortest and easiest hole on the course. Club selection is important as it can vary up to four clubs due to the size of the green, anything that lands short will be repelled.

Pro-TipDistance control is a premium as this green is huge. The wrong club can leave you with a long-range putt, avoid the dreaded three putt.


Hole 15

Par 4
  • Black - 384 Meters
  • Blue - 359 Meters
  • Red - 303 Meters
The second longest par 4 on the course with water down the right-hand side off the tee. The fairway is very undulating so getting a flat lie to hit a mid to long iron into the green increases the difficulty.

The green is elevated and has a large valley at the front, anything that does not land on the green will end up there.  The green is broken into three areas so hitting an accurate approach to the right plateau will help with the first putt.

Pro-TipThis strong par 4 will break your heart if you have a good round going. Two quality shots are required to get near this green. Commit – Commit – Commit.

Hole 16

Par 4
  • Black - 150 Meters
  • Blue - 132 Meters
  • Red - 116 Meters
Great short par 3 that can play from 150m to 120m depending on which tier they put the pin. There are no bunkers to avoid but there is water down the left and at the back of the green.

Pro-TipIf the pin is at the back of the green don’t go flag hunting.  You are only one bounce away from ending up in the water over the back and walking off with double.


Hole 17

Par 4
  • Black - 348 Meters
  • Blue - 334 Meters
  • Red - 264 Meters
There is still work to do. This short Par 4 is filled with danger, water down the right and fairway bunkers in the middle will make you either lay up or attack.

The further you can hit it the wider it gets. The smallest green on the course has two tiers, with four bunkers guarding the right side and a large drop off to the left.

Pro-TipPlay smart on this hole to get your score. A tee shot out to the right is safe but will leave you having to carry all the green side bunkers to get to the green.

Hole 18

Par 5
  • Black - 478 Meters
  • Blue - 452 Meters
  • Red - 422 Meters
Great finishing hole with the Sebel Resort and Lake Mulwala in the distance. This is a hole where you can finish strong if you can avoid the fairway bunkers.

The biggest green on the course is surrounded by water. If you can’t make it in two, aim well out to the right with your second which will open the green for your approach. The big green can leave you with a very long putt.

Pro-TipA big tee shot can leave you with a mid-iron into this par 5. Eagle is possible with an accurate approach. Go for gold!

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Award-Winning Course

Black Bull Golf Course is rated as one of the top golf courses in Australia by both industry partners and golfing enthusiasts!

Voted #36 in Golf Course Guide 2023. Voted #75 in Australian Golf Digest Top 100 2024/2025. Voted in Golf Australia’s Top 100 courses in 2018 by golf enthusiasts.